PPL is hosting a virtual summit about self-direction in New Jersey! Join us to experience a day of discovery and insights into self-direction with speakers like Senator Angela McKnight and Assemblywoman Jessica Ramirez and guests from many esteemed organizations, like the NJ Advocates for Aging Well, Autism NJ, and Values into Action.

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Who Will Be There?

  • Self-directed participants and their loved ones
  • Advocates for autonomy and choice in services
  • Providers and partners involved or interested in self-directed care
  • Individuals seeking to learn more about their roles as employers
  • Anyone interested in the impact of legislative changes on self-direction

What’s in Store?

  • Engaging keynotes: Hear those at the forefront of self-direction share transformative stories and insights.
  • Interactive breakouts: Participate in sessions focused on proven strategies, enrollment processes, employer responsibilities, and much more.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with peers, advocates, and professionals in a collaborative virtual setting.


  • Personal Success Stories: Discover the profound effects of self-direction on individuals’ lives.
  • Practical Strategies: Gain valuable knowledge on how to leverage self-directed services effectively.
  • Legislative Insights: Understand how recent federal and state legislation affects self-direction.