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Boring answer: PPL is an innovative, best-in-class financial management services company seeking synergies between … 🥱

Real answer: We think self-directed care is a total game changer for healthcare, and we want to make it happen for anyone and everyone who wants it.

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Every day, we come to work with a desire to make self-direction better for the people and organizations that we work with. We have decades of experience doing it and, unlike many others, it’s all we do. We’re focused.

We offer tools and services that streamline every aspect of self-direction. We untangle the complexity and make it easy to get started, we make sure that all the paperwork and filing is done right, and we’re right here whenever you have a question (spoiler alert: you’ll probably have a question).

For Participants

Self-direction is complicated. We make it simple. We’ll help:

  • Hire a caregiver, or officially hire a friend or family member who’s already helping you.
  • Enroll in a program and get set up as the employer of your caregiver.
  • Conduct background checks.
  • Create a monthly budget and stick to it.
  • Tools for you to approve your caregiver’s timesheets.
  • Pay your caregivers and withhold taxes.

For Caregivers

We make life easy for you and the person you care for. We help:

  • Set up the program participant as your official employer.
  • Navigate the paperwork to hire and pay you on time.
  • Process your timesheets and get you paid.
  • Withhold taxes and submit IRS and state reporting.

For Organizations

You know self-direction makes sense, let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll help:

  • Ensure participants stay within their budget and authorizations.
  • Keep participants compliant with your program regulations and guidelines.
  • Complete and submit required documentation efficiently file Medicaid claims.
  • Complete and submit required documentation.
  • Recommend best practices.
  • Partner with you to support legislative changes.
  • Support your case managers and service coordinators.
  • Track member satisfaction.
  • Help grow your self-direction program.
  • Provide data and reports to gauge the health and effectiveness of your program.
Portrait of Vince Coppola

Vince Coppola

President and Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Maria Perrin

Maria Perrin

Chief Growth Officer

Portrait of Sherwin Krug

Sherwin Krug

Chief Financial Officer

Portrait of Gwen Marvin

Gwen Marvin

Chief Technology Officer

Vicente Armendariz

Executive Vice President, Operations

Portrait of Krystal Than

Krystal Than

Executive Vice President,
Human Resources

Portrait of Deborah Drexler

Deborah Drexler

General Counsel

Portrait of Sumit Murgai

Sumit Murgai

Executive Vice President,
Engineering and Analytics

Portrait of Patty Byrnes

Patty Byrnes

Vice President, Government Relations

Portrait of Sandy Kasprzak

Sandy Kasprzak

Vice President, Client Success

Photo of Lauren Rizzo

Lauren Rizzo

Vice President, Client Engagement

Portrait of Mark-Altieri

Mark Altieri

Vice President, Business Development

Bonnie Vaughn

Vice President, Business Development

Portrait of Tara Himmel

Tara Himmel

Vice President, Marketing
and Organic Growth

Portrait of Lora Smith

Lora Schumacker

Vice President, Operations

Portrait of Orly Rabin Pantz

Orly Rabin Pantz

Vice President, Finance / Controller

Portrait of Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy

Vice President, Financial Operations

Portrait of Lavanya Challa

Lavanya Challa

Vice President, Technology Product

Daniella Byrd

Vice President, Business Integration


Self-Directed Programs


Participant and Caregiver Relationships

$2+ Billion

Goods and Services Payments

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There’s no question—self-direction is great. But getting started can be confusing and frustrating. We can help. We simplify and explain every requirement, action, and rule, so you can take control of your care in no time flat.

Let’s walk this path together. It’s worth every step.

How to get started

It doesn’t have to be hard. We’ll help you at every stage of your self-direction journey.

Take the first step
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