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Customize your care! If you’re eligible for Medicaid and need support, you may be able to stay home and hire your own caregivers—even friends or family! It’s a great option called self-directed care, and we’re here to make it happen for you.

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Self-directed care puts you in the driver’s seat. Decide where you receive care and who provides it. Got a friend or relative who’s already helping you? Great! Let’s see if we can make it official. Looking to hire someone else? We’ll get you set up and make sure you dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

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Long-term care is stressful. Really stressful.

Loss of independence, worries about quality of care, financial pressure, limited personal space and privacy, loneliness, emotional strain, fear of neglect or abuse, and mountains of paperwork and bureaucracy … it’s no wonder people want to take back control. Every one of these concerns can be eased by self-directed care, and we want to get you there, as quickly and simply as possible.

Over nearly a quarter of a century, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people stay in their homes and receive support from caregivers that they choose, and hire with program funds. We’ve helped more people to remain independent than any other company.

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If you’re currently caring for someone, or you know someone you would like to care for, we can set you up as their employee and make it easy to stay on top of the boring and often confusing paperwork. You’ll get to spend more of your time doing meaningful work for the people you care about.  

Interested in learning if self-directed care is right for you or your loved one?

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We’re the trusted financial management services provider for 48 programs in 20 states (and counting). Once case managers and members agree on self-direction, we deliver services and tools to both, to keep things running smoothly. We focus on the admin, so you can focus on your members.

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Thank you so much for providing support and helping us obtain services

I appreciate the time you spent helping me understand the process and making sure I have the information I need to help my grandparents get services.

You guys are a true blessing. The information you provided helped us make the right choice and allows me to stay at home and care for my adult son. You really do care!

I could tell I was in good hands immediately! What a relief! The customer service agent’s voice was kind and calming. She listened to what I had to say. And once we were on the same page, she went through each issue I was having and told me how to solve it! Amazing!!! I followed her directions and feel much calmer now.

Everyone was professional, understanding, and really, really quick. It seemed like a process, but they were just on it, step-by-step. So fast and efficient!

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