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Keeping your members healthy and happy is your priority. Supporting you in that mission is ours.

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Whether you’re with a state agency or an MCO, our tools, services, deep experience, and proven performance make us the best financial management services provider to simplify self-directed care for your members.

We’re with you and your members at every step:

  • Education and information gathering
  • Caregiver enrollment
  • Training and orientation
  • Employee management and supervision tips
  • Compliance and reporting


Self-Directed Program Participants and Caregiver Relationships

$2+ Billion

In Goods and and Services Payments






MCO Partners

People love self-direction, but there are many upsides for you, too. Compared to traditional long-term care options, self-direction is more cost-effective, improves quality of care, increases member satisfaction, promotes community involvement, and improves outcomes.

It’s a win-win-win-win-win!

We’d love to help your members get the most out of your self-direction program. Let’s chat!

In a competitive market with tight budgets and state focus on quality of care and outcomes, self-direction is looking more attractive than ever.

Better outcomes, streamlined reporting, higher consumer satisfaction, and increased efficiency are a few of the benefits you’ll realize.

We’re already a valuable ally to 19 MCOs across the country. Let’s see what we can do for you.
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We salute you. You’re the navigators in the complex journey that is our healthcare system. We’re your GPS. We’ll help you get your members to their self-direction destination as quickly as possible with minimal fuss.

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