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Self-Directed Care

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Self-direction lets people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, chronic illness, or those who are aging, get care in their home. You choose who provides your support, and where and when you receive it.

If that sounds better than using an agency or moving to a care facility, we agree!

How you enroll in a self-direction program depends on where you live and if you’ve already started the process.

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We get it, this is complicated! We’re here to help you learn about self-direction and decide if it’s a good choice for you.

Self-direction lets you stay in your home and community, supported by caregivers you know and trust, maybe a family member or a friend who’s already helping out. You get more choice and control than using an agency or nursing home.

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If you’re not already enrolled in Medicaid, this is the first step.

Medicaid is healthcare funded by federal and state government. It pays for medical care for people with low income and those with special healthcare needs.

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Once you’re enrolled in Medicaid, the next step is to enroll in an HCBS program that offers self-direction as an option. Don’t worry, we’ll help.

Self-Direction can be available in a Medicaid waiver or directly in a Medicaid state plan. A waiver just means Medicaid will let you get care in your home instead of a traditional care facility. Some states add home care to their plan and don’t need a waiver.

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Once you’re in an HCBS program, you have the choice to receive service through self-direction or a traditional agency.

When you sign up with us as your Financial Management Service (FMS) provider, we’ll help set you up as your caregiver’s employer so you can decide where and when you receive support.

If you’re considering self-directed care as an option for you or a loved one, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you on your journey, just take our short questionnaire to see your next steps.​