Employee Spotlight Annalise "Ship"

Welcome to our Caregiver Spotlight Series, where we feature real stories of caregivers, who are supporting self-directed care.

When Ethan B. was looking for a new caregiver, he turned to his contacts on Facebook hoping to find someone he could trust to provide quality home-based care. He was pleasantly surprised when a college friend, Annelise “Ship” Shipley, responded that she was interested in taking on the role.

Ethan shares, “We scheduled a video call and had an incredible conversation; I offered her the opportunity on the spot. I knew right away she was the perfect person for the opportunity.”

I really appreciate Ship. She has become one of my best friends; like the sister I never had. She empowers me every day.”

Ethan B

Ethan lives with a physical disability and uses a wheelchair. He finds being physically active very challenging, but working with Ship has been a perfect match. He says, “Due to her own personal experiences, Ship understands the challenges people using wheelchairs face with access. She truly empathizes with me about mobility and accessibility challenges.”

While working in the role, Ship leverages her bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science and a Master of Science Degree in Applied Exercise. Ship also uses her sports performance, biomechanics, and nutrition experience to brainstorm with Ethan to find new ways to make life more accessible and better incorporate nutrition into his lifestyle.

Self-directed care has been critical for Ethan, who wants to work with a caregiver who matches his personality and live as independently as possible. He adds, “self-direction has provided me with the opportunity to manage my own care – along with the flexibility to recruit and hire caregivers who I know I will get along with.”

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