We thank everyone who joined us at the Home and Community-Based Services 2023 Conference!

On August 27-31, 2023, ADvancing States held their annual Home & Community Based Services conference and exposition (HCBS). The event did not disappoint with 82 exhibiting companies, 1,505 individuals who attended in-person and 300 virtual attendees.

The attendees came from the U.S., Guam, American Samoa and Israel. There were over 200 speakers discussing topics such as “A Day, a Week, a Year, a Life – Family Caregivers on the Front Lines” and “Strategies and Resources to Address Housing and Workforce Challenges in HCBS.” It was a great opportunity for all who attended to brush up on the current state of self-direction, reconnect with allies in the industry and make new connections.

In addition to connecting with experts, attending stimulating presentations and discussions, PPL made an impression with their unique booth. The highlight of the booth was a showcase of art and crafts made by individuals with disabilities, chronic illness or aging adults from across the nation. At the close of the conference, we raffled off more than 30 items and received resounding excitement from the entrants and winners alike. Several attendees noted “more providers should support those we serve!”

Heidi Davis, Senior Director, Client Success at PPL was the driver behind the concept for the booth and incorporating art and crafts from the selected individuals. She brought many beautiful items from individuals she knows through her work, including Diamond Art from her 62-year-old sister with Cerebral Palsy. Additionally, other PPL team members brought items from their travels and/or work. Each item was called out with the artist’s name and state where they reside.

Check out a few items that were featured below.

artwork entitled Fort Hill Beech by Brian Achille

This artwork, entitled Fort Hill Beech, was created through a dye-sublimation printing process on aluminum by artist, Brian Achille who is an individual with autism. Mr. Gary Hinkle of Arkansas was the winner of this piece.

painting by Ruby Pearl

The winner of this piece by artist Ruby Pearl said “Having this painting will change my life. This artist captured a feeling with a stroke of a brush.”
The artist, Ruby Pearl is self-taught and from Brookline, Massachusetts. She has painted since the age of four. She says “much of my art reflects my innocent self. I live for my art.”

ppl booth with some pottery works
Joel, Montana; Paula Hogan, Montana
Several pieces of pottery were included in the raffle. These artists work through Opportunity Resources Inc. (www.orimt.org)
ppl booth with jewelry pieces by constance mt
Constance, Montana
Jewelry was designed by Consties Killer Crafts. Learn more about the artist at ConstiesKillerCrafts.com
Several works of Diamond Dot Art
Heather, Connecticut
Several works of Diamond Dot Art were donated by Heather, an artist with Cystic Fibrosis (and Heidi Davis’ sister)

Among the attendees from PPL were PPL’s Mark Altieri, VP Business Development, Sandy Kasprzak, VP Client Success, Roni Zaletel, VP of Client Experience, Heidi Davis, Senior Director, Client Success, Katharine Randall, Senior Account Manager WV/MD and Margaret Powers, Marketing Manager.

Katharine Randall with Marcus Canaday from WV and his guide dog, Yari.
Katharine Randall with Marcus Canaday from WV and his guide dog, Yari.

Heidi Davis said “catching-up with long term care and DDD Directors from across the nation who we have known for some time is so valuable. There is both a personal and professional connection. We learn, grow and age together!”

Next year’s event is the 40th Anniversary of the annual HCBS Conference AND the 60th Anniversary of ADvancing States (formerly known as NASUAD). We’re already looking forward to it and celebrating a wonderful organization.

Advancing States is a nonprofit organization that supports state agencies and individuals in the development of health and social care in the US. Their mission is to design, improve, and sustain state systems delivering long-term services and supports for older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers.

Learn more about the PPL team members who were at the HCBS 2023 Conference and whom you saw at the event seminars and event festivities.

Portrait of Mark Altieri

Mark started his career in self-direction in 2018 when he accepted a role as Senior Director of Client Partnerships & Business Development with Public Consulting Group (PPL’s former parent company).

However, Mark will tell you he is committed to the concept for more personal reasons. In a recent PPL podcast, Mark noted the path he’s traveled with his son who was diagnosed with a health condition at a very young age.

This led him to a deep understanding of the journey that PPL’s participants maneuver to get funding and care for themselves and/or loved ones. Mark is a passionate advocate of self-direction – ask anyone who has met him. He holds an MBA from Brandeis University in Social Policy and Management and lives with his wife and two children in Massachusetts.

Portrait of Sandy Kasprzak

Sandy has built a career promoting individuals with disabilities – including person-centered disability staffing and self-direction. Her business acumen is an asset for PPL’s operational side of the business, but her ability to build and grow strong client relationships within this space is her superpower.

She is an empathetic leader committed to the audience she serves. Sandy holds a master’s degree in Adult Education from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and Teaching.

She resides with her husband in Minnesota and has 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Portrait of Roni Zaletel

Roni began with PPL in the fall of 2022. Roni has been in the healthcare and caregiving industry throughout her career. She is a registered nurse as well as VP of Client Experience for PPL. Roni built her career from several different vantage points within the healthcare space.

First as a business owner, when she co-owned an assisted living facility, then working to oversee case management operations for a leader in managed care, working within healthcare organizations and now with PPL.

Roni’s well-rounded background and close ties to the healthcare community serve as strengths in her role at PPL. Roni has 2 children, 2 grandchildren and resides in Nashville.

Portrait of Heidi Davis

Heidi is a veteran in the self-direction market. She has 35 years of experience with long term care services, developmental disabilities, and behavioral health. She is accomplished at developing new markets, possesses expert knowledge of the industry regulations and service delivery best practices and has designed policy and procedure for new service implementation.

Heidi is passionate about self-direction, having grown-up with a sister with cerebral palsy and possesses a wealth of knowledge that motivates her development of services. Heidi holds a master’s degree in Psychological Counseling from the University of Notre Dame, has earned certificates in Integrated Medicine and Mental Health and Aging and is certified as a Dementia Specialist.

She is a licensed clinical professional counselor and certified herbalist. She lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband and has two dogs and grown children.

Portrait of Katharine Randall

Katharine leads PPL’s efforts in West Virginia, although originally from Maryland where she also represents PPL. Katharine began her career with Public Consulting Group (previous owners of PPL) where she served for 14 years as a PCG account manager and supports broker manager.

In 2020, Katharine was hired by PPL to manage three waiver programs in West Virginia. Katharine is dedicated to her participants as well as her team members. She is very engaged in community activities that support her participants.

Katharine has a BA in Social Work from Salisbury University, she resides in West Virginia and has one grown son.

Portrait of Margaret Powers

Margaret has been with PPL for four years and manages events in addition to overseeing internal communications for the company. She is a marketing communications professional with over 35 years of experience in the benefits and self-direction industries.

She is passionate about PPL, its mission and getting the word out on self-direction. Margaret holds a master’s degree in communication management and a certificate in Digital Marketing.

She lives in Massachusetts, has three grown children and six grandchildren.