Alpharetta, GA – Public Partnerships Ltd (PPL), the nation’s leading provider of financial management services for Medicaid self-directed care programs, today announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters from Boston, Mass., to Alpharetta, Ga. The company is celebrating the move with a grand opening event on January 23.

“PPL’s decision to make Alpharetta their new home is a testament to our city’s vibrant business environment and high quality of life,” said Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin. “We welcome them as they embark on this exciting journey. The company has commited to hiring at all levels in their Alpharetta Headquarters. We look forward to a strong partnership for years to come.” Across the country, PPL transforms the lives of thousands of families by simplifying self-directed home care – empowering beneficiaries of Medicaid programs to choose their own caregivers and remain active in their own homes and communities.

“We are proud to call Alpharetta our new home as we continue to make Medicaid long-term care programs worry-free and more accessible for beneficiaries and their families, healthcare professionals, social workers, providers and support coordinators across the country,” said Vince Coppola, PPL president and chief executive officer. “At a time when 48 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult family member or friend, our mission is more important than ever and the need for self-directed care services continues to grow. We look forward to growing our business and expanding our services in partnership with Alpharetta’s diverse and highly skilled workforce.”

By managing financial and other complex administrative processes, PPL makes self-directed care an easy, practical choice for aging adults and people with disabilities and chronic conditions. Last year, PPL supported more than 100,000 program participants and 127,000 caregiver relationships across ~50 programs in 22 states and managed nearly $2 billion in annual payments.

“From data analysts to HR roles, PPL’s new headquarters will open opportunities in digital health in Alpharetta,” said Kristi Brigman, Deputy Commissioner of Global Commerce at the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “Corporate headquarters continue to choose Georgia for its diverse and talented workforce, supported by the state’s education system, which in turn helps graduates to find a job and stay in the state. We are excited to welcome PPL’s new headquarters to Alpharetta, and congratulations to PPL, the City of Alpharetta, and all of their partners.”

Lacey Hautzinger