ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PPL Public Partnerships, the nation’s leading provider of financial management services to Medicaid self-directed care programs, today announced the award of a contract from the State of Colorado’s Department of Health Care Policy and Financing for administration of the state’s Consumer-Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) program.

Extending a partnership that has served the state since 2009, PPL today works with nearly 3,000 members and 10,250 attendants (caregivers) in Colorado with services that support Medicaid-eligible seniors, people with disabilities and those with chronic medical conditions who choose to receive long-term care while remaining active in their homes and communities.

“We are thrilled to continue to play a vital role in the lives of Coloradans who want more control and self-determination when it comes to the long-term care options available for themselves and their loved ones,” said Vince Coppola, PPL President and Chief Executive Officer. “PPL also looks forward to serving as an advisor and partner to the state as it prepares to launch the Community First Choice Option in 2025.”

In addition to managing payroll and reimbursement services for Colorado’s CDASS program, PPL supports the administration of unique benefits offered to long-term care workers in the state that include family medical leave, sick time and soon, 401k plans. Currently in its planning stage, Colorado’s Community First Choice Option is designed to enable more people to access and provide self-directed care services to support and promote independence in the home and community.

By managing financial, HR and other complex administrative processes, PPL works to make self-directed care an easy, practical choice. PPL currently supports more than 100,000 program participants and 127,000 caregiver relationships across 49 programs in 22 states, and manages $1.98 billion in annual wages and reimbursements.

“Today we remain committed to making Medicaid long-term care programs worry-free and accessible for beneficiaries and their families, healthcare professionals, social workers, providers and support coordinators across the state,” said Coppola. “And we stand ready to grow and innovate as Colorado leaders work to expand access to vital long-term care programs.”

Lacey Hautzinger