Personal Independence: Understanding EVV in Self-Direction

The third episode of Choose YOU First – A self-direction podcast by PPL.

In the old days of EVV, that landline option really was one of the more prevalent options. But there are a ton of limitations that come with that. 1) It’s restricting somebody to the home. We know that services occur in the community and NEED to occur in the community. 2) It’s using a landline, which is becoming more and more outdated. […] So as things have evolved, mobile applications are much more user friendly for the provider AND also for the participants.”

Join host Andrew Thornton and guest Stacey Soucy as they talk about Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) in self-direction.

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Andrew is a Director of Client Success. He joined Public Partnerships in early 2012. Since that time, he’s worked on over 20 self directed programs nationwide. As a parent advocate and a proponent of self direction, he is very passionate about growing self direction as an alternative option to traditional long term care. Andrew brings enthusiasm and a spark for all things self-direction to the Choose YOU First podcast! 

Stacey is a Director of Product Inovation. She’s been with PPL for over 10 years and specializes in Electronic Visit Verification. 

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