Department of Developmental Services

DDS Children’s Autism Waiver Program (for children under age 10)



Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (18 and under)


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The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Autism Waiver program serves participants throughout Massachusetts, who are eligible for autism waivers through DDS. Participants and their families are able to hire service workers and purchase a range of goods and services within an approved budget.

If you qualify, you will be able to: 

Participants can 

Work with your case manager to develop a care plan that meets your needs and goals and change your plan if your needs change.

Select services and support to meet your needs.

Decide how much to pay for services, and negotiate with careworkers (within your budget).

Find, hire, manage, and dismiss your careworkers.

Use BetterOnline to review your budget and approved services.

Use BetterOnline to monitor your careworker’s hours and spending.

Use Time4Care to review, approve, and submit your careworker’s timesheets.

How to get started

Take the questionnaire


Both participants (employers) and caregivers (employees) have lots of timekeeping to do when working in a self-direction program.

Time4Care is our highly rated mobile solution for Apple and Android smart devices.

Reminders to submit timesheets

Timesheet submission and approval alerts

Timesheet error checking

Offline time entry

Simple calendar interface

Privacy features


Instant timesheet approval

Works right in the MyAccount/BetterOnline portal


Better Online is a web-based app that keeps you organized and gives you the tools and info you need to manage your self-direction journey. Handle timesheets, check how much you spend each month, and get answers when you need them. It’s easy to use and available from any internet-connected device.

Log in

Select the system to go to the login page.


Log time and review, approve, and submit timesheets with ease.

Learn more about the benefits of Time4Care

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Fill out, approve, and submit timesheets, complete enrollment paperwork, and run reports 

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