Department of Elementary and Secondary Education / Department of Developmental Services (DESE/DDS)

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Developmental Disabilities (Adult, 18 and under)


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The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education /Department of Developmental Services (DESE/DDS) program serves participants throughout Massachusetts. The program is designed to provide in-home wrap around supports to DDS eligible school age participants determined to need services to prevent a more restrictive educational or out-of-home residential placement, or to assist families whose children are coming out of a residential placement and returning home.

The program does this by creating an individualized plan of supports for the participant that promotes skill building, independence, and social integration across multiple settings including the participants home, school and community. Participants and their families can hire services providers and purchase a range of goods and services within an approved budget.

Participants can 

In-Home and Community Based Skills Training

Behavioral Support and Consultation

Family Training

 Occupational Therapy

 Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy


Assistive Technology/Adaptive Aids

Ancillary Goods and Services

Family Navigation

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