Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS)

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Developmental Disabilities (Adult)


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Adult)



This program helps adults with developmental disabilities who have difficulty with three or more of the following: taking care of themselves, understanding and expressing themselves using words, learning, decision-making, being able to live without help, and moving around.  

If you qualify, you will be able to: 

Participants can 

Select services and support to meet your needs.

Find, hire, manage, and dismiss your careworkers.

Use BetterOnline to review your budget and approved services.

Use BetterOnline to monitor your careworker’s hours and spending.

Services include

Employment tax requirements – We handle all employment-related taxes for you, including federal, state, local, and unemployment.

Enrollment support – We help you and your careworker with enrollment and training through your enrollment specialist,

Customer service – Our friendly and professional customer service agents are available five days a week to help you with any questions.

How to get started

Take the questionnaire


Better Online is a web-based app that keeps you organized and gives you the tools and info you need to manage your self-direction journey. Handle timesheets, check how much you spend each month, and get answers when you need them. It’s easy to use and available from any internet-connected device.

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Fill out, approve, and submit timesheets, complete enrollment paperwork, and run reports. 

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