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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Adult)


PPL is excited to begin accepting new enrollments March 1, 2024. We look forward to scheduling enrollments then.

Running into rate or service issues? Not to worry. Remember you can create those missed shifts manually once the issue is resolved, click here for instructions.


The Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) program assists individuals with an Intellectual Disability, Autism, and/or Developmental Disability who want to self-direct their services through the following Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid waivers:
• Consolidated Waiver
• Person/Family Directed Support Waiver
• Community Living Waiver
With Participant or Self-Direction, the participant has more control over the services they receive and the people who provide those services. The individual also has increased responsibility for managing their budget.

Participants/Common Law Employer can 

Work with a Supports Coordinator to develop an Individual Support Plan (ISP) for their needs and individual goals.

Find, hire, manage, and dismiss your Support Service Professionals (SSP).

Use MyAccount to monitor your SSP’s hours and spending.

Use MyAccount or Time4Care to review, approve, and submit your SSP’s timesheets.

Choose a Support Service Professional (SSP), if additional support is needed

Purchase approved goods and services

Purchase Transportation (Mile) and Public Transportation.

Monitor spending in real time in MyAccount.

Services include

Payroll – We process payroll for your SSP using money from your budget.

Employment tax requirements – We handle all employment-related taxes for you, including federal, state, local, and unemployment.

Enrollment support – Assists with completing enrollment paperwork for the Participant/Common-Law Employer (CLE) and their SSP(s).

Customer service – Our friendly and professional customer service agents are available 6 days a week to help you with any questions.

Service reports – With our reports you’ll always have a clear picture of the services you’ve received. 

Goods & Services – We process payments for goods and services purchased by the participants using their allocated budget funds

Self-Directed Care FAQ

Congratulations on signing up for self-direction! Here are answers to some questions we often get from participants and caregivers.

Answers for Participants, Common Law Employers (CLES) and your Support Service Professional (SSP):

Healthcare does love those TLAs (three-letter acronyms)! Here are some used in this FAQ:

SSP – Support Service Provider. Just a fancy way of saying care worker.
Participant – Person receiving services
CLE – Common Law Employer. As a participant in a self-determined care program, you become the employer of your SSP. You also may choose someone to be the employer.

There are user guides for CLEs and SSPs towards the bottom of the PA ODP program info page on our website.

Any changes can be made directly in MyAccount.

Answers for participants and CLEs (Common Law Employers):

Just use the support broker choice form on the website and send it to the email shown.

Answers for SSPs (Support Service Providers):

The amount of tax withheld from your paycheck is based on the information and deductions you entered on the W-4 when you enrolled in the program. The amount of withholding can be changed at any time by filing another W-4 with new information about your dependents and filing status. Taxes may be affected if you reside with the participant. You enter information in MyAccount that determines whether your living situation exempts you from federal taxes.

Please ask a tax consultant for more information about tax deductions.

These changes can be made right in MyAccount.

Authorized overtime (over 40 hours a week) is paid at 50% of the regular pay rate. Your pay stub has one line showing the amount of regular pay, and another for the 50% overtime pay.

When two staff are working with one participant at the same time, staff must clock in and out at the exact same time. If you do not, the shift will pend and your employer will need to reject it for you to correct. This is a program rule.

PPL encourages you to sign-up for direct deposit. You will receive a physical check for your first payment. Once that check clears, future payments will be direct deposit.

Most errors will be flagged when you enter your time into the Time4Care mobile app. It’s easiest to make any corrections at this point.

If an error sneaks though, don’t panic! Notify your employer as soon as possible. They can reject the timesheet so you can make corrections.

Mileage should be entered in MyAccount, this ensures accurate and prompt payment. More info can be found in the MyAccount ODP Provider Guide. If you are a CLE submitting mileage, you must use the reimbursement form on the website.

How to get started

Take the questionnaire


Both participants (employers) and caregivers (employees) have lots of timekeeping to do when working in a self-direction program.

Time4Care is our highly rated mobile solution for Apple and Android smart devices.

Reminders to submit timesheets

Timesheet submission and approval alerts

Timesheet error checking

Offline time entry

Simple calendar interface

Privacy features


Instant timesheet approval

Works right in the MyAccount/BetterOnline portal

Log in

Select the system your program uses to go to the login page.


Log time and review, approve, and submit timesheets with ease.

Learn more about the benefits of Time4Care

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Our complete web app that puts everything you need as a self-director (or case manager, or caregiver!) right at your fingertips.


MyAccount has everything you need to make sure your self-direction journey is a success. Designed for participants and caregivers, it lets you complete and check all required paperwork, timesheets, budgets and spending, with a focus on making the enrollment process easy.

It’ll make smooth sailing of any choppy waters you encounter while you’re getting set up, giving you the answers and forms you need, right when you need them.

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