How your EVV Vendor Decision Impacts So Many Lives

As a state department or Managed Care Organization (MCO) supporting a self-direction program, you have two key priorities, giving your participants the best in home-based care and managing cost efficiencies.

Admittedly, these are two extremely demanding and complicated priorities.

The care/support workers in your program need guarantees that they will be paid for the services they deliver. This is where Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) helps take pressures off of you and benefits participants by helping to deter fraud.

With EVV, every visit is tracked, recorded, validated, and submitted at the time of the service – making it easier for your care/support workers to be paid on time.

With EVV, you can help alleviate any concerns that participants and their families may have about billing, tracking, recording, and validating service delivery and payment to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act.

The best solution for you is to ensure that your EVV systems are fully integrated into your FMS payment systems and the best way to ensure seamless system integration is to implement PPL’s EVV solution.

EVV technology uses your care/support worker’s smart phone or tablet to record their shift start time and location at start time, then their shift end time and location at end time. EVV helps ensure that participants receive consistent services.

In December 2016, Congress passed the 21st Century Cares Act. This federal law set new rules requiring an EVV system to capture clock-in and clock-out times and location for Home and Community Based Services, including self-direction programs.

EVV benefits:

  • Services are automatically validated and monitored, ensuring participants receive the services they need and that care/support workers are compensated correctly.
  • Fraud risk is greatly reduced, ensuring that necessary funds are available to participants and making it easier for you to manage and fund legitimate claims.
  • Time and cost savings with the elimination of the traditional paper verification process.
  • Complete transparency on the services provided, by whom, when, and where. This gives you, care/support workers, and participants peace-of-mind and better control over spending and service delivery.

A mobile application that integrates EVV and FMS lets your participants and their care/support workers comply with this federal law, while being as unobtrusive as possible. They simply record their time on this app, which automatically adheres to EVV rules, with no extra steps.

It’s important to remember that quality of care includes making it is as simple as possible for participants to receive and manage their care. The fewer steps participants have to go through to comply with EVV, the better. Think about how confused and frustrated these vulnerable populations would be moving between separate EVV and FMS vendors to complete time entry and get paid appropriately.

PPL’s FMS-integrated EVV systems offer these key benefits:

  • One system that reduces errors and discrepancies.
    An integrated FMS and EVV solution means participants input their data only once, eliminating costly errors and frustrating questions.
  • Makes change easier and lessens learning curves for participants.
    It can be very difficult for some participants to adjust to new technology and guidelines. PPL’s solution includes an easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Single point-of-contact for customer service support.
    No one wants to contact customer service, and when participants are expected to use two different systems for EVV and FMS, customer support becomes very complicated. An integrated EVV and FMS solution means participants need to contact only one customer service for questions about both EVV and their self-directed care.

You need an EVV system that recognizes that life happens. Participant schedules and care needs change. To deliver the high level of care participants deserve, you need an EVV solution that allows for change and flexibility on behalf of your participants and care/support workers.

Delivering and receiving home-based care should not be complicated or stressful.

You need to ensure that your care/support workers can focus on doing their job instead of learning new technologies. You also need to make sure that your participants are not overwhelmed with new technologies to learn and adapt to.

It all comes down to simplification and using one EVV and FMS solution that is designed with the needs of care/support workers and participants in mind.

As part of your responsibility to give your care/support workers high quality working conditions, you must make it easy for them to be paid on-time and correctly. The best way to do this is with an integrated EVV and FMS solution that puts your care/support workers and your ability to support them first.

PPL’s EVV solution benefits your care/support workers by:

  • Saving Time: reduces the extra time previously required to enter notes, service details, and clock-in/clock-out time on paper timesheets.
  • Reducing Errors: built-in reconciliation and validation to catch and correct errors before entries are submitted. This ensures timesheets are correct the first time, reducing delays in payment.
  • Increasing Efficiency: real-time data capture means that care/support workers don’t have to duplicate information, speeding approval and reducing late timesheet entries.
  • Instant Validation: ensures each time entry is validated against program payment rules and federal EVV rules at the same time. Doing so gives care/support workers immediate notification of any problems, which can then be corrected prior to payroll.

One of the largest barriers for your care/support workers are the delays that happen when working within a cumbersome system bound by numerous rules and regulations. Delays in timesheet validation, delays in real-time access to information about service and care availability, delays in program authorization, and more.

Our mission at Public Partnerships is to transform more lives by making self-directed home care easier for all. We know and believe that one of the best ways to do this is by streamlining how care is managed and delivered – making it easier for you, your care/support workers, and your participants to thrive.

And this is exactly why we developed our Time4Care EVV mobile application. Our Time4Care solution is paired with our FMS system, making it simple for care/support workers and participants to record visit details and review and approve timesheets.

Contact us to learn how you can maintain the highest level of service delivery possible and streamline your operational requirements with Public Partnerships and Time4Care EVV.

We put you first so you can put your care/support workers and participants first.

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