A graphic showing 2 people smiling with a smart phone in one hand. The text says "CA SDP Powered by PPL - Did you know Self-Determination puts you in the driver's seat. We can help! Contact us to learn more at PPLFirst.com"
  • Choose who provides your support
  • Control other aspects of your care
  • Hire a friend, family member, or other person of your choosing
  • Become the employer of your worker
  • Decide how to spend the money you receive from the program

What is SDP? It’s the California Self-Determination Program (SDP), which provides individuals with developmental disabilities who receive regional center services with more freedom, control, and responsibility in choosing services and supports to help them meet objectives in their Individual Program Plan.

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Participants in the self-determination program are required to use a financial management services (FMS) company such as ours. We assist with many aspects of your self-determination journey. The program includes FMS expenses, so we are here to support you.

We know this process can be complicated, but we will answer your questions every step of the way. Our team will help you get enrolled and set up with all your employees as quickly as possible, and as hassle-free as possible. If we don’t know an answer, we’ll find it and get back to you, quickly.

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