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Mental/Behavioral Needs (18 and under)


Multisystem Needs (0-20 yrs)


  • Ohio Medicaid selects Aetna Better Health of Ohio for Specialized, Child-Focused Managed Care Plan
  • Learn more about the offerings and purpose, offerings and services of the OhioRISE Medicaid Program


This program is a specialized, child-focused Plan that purchases goods and services for individuals with mental and behavioral need 0-20 yrs of age.

Participants can 

Use MyAccount to review your budget and approved services.

Services include

Payroll – We process payroll for your caregiver using money from your budget.

Customer service – Our friendly and professional customer service agents are available five days a week to help you with any questions.

Service reports – With our reports you’ll always have a clear picture of the services you’ve received. 

  • Services including diagnostics and monitoring, drug therapy, dental and nutrition services
  • Medicaid spend-down payments
  • Health insurance premium payments
  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Health insurance processing – PPL processes health insurance and Medicaid spend-down payments on behalf of the participant
  • Medicaid spend-down payments – PPL processes health insurance and Medicaid spend-down payments on behalf of the participant

How to get started

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MyAccount has everything you need to make sure your self-direction journey is a success. Designed for participants and caregivers, it lets you complete and check all required paperwork, timesheets, budgets and spending, with a focus on making the enrollment process easy.

It’ll make smooth sailing of any choppy waters you encounter while you’re getting set up, giving you the answers and forms you need, right when you need them.

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Our complete web app puts everything you need as a self-director (or case manager, or caregiver!) right at your fingertips.

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